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Inazuma Eleven (イナズマイレブン)

Inazuma Eleven (イナズマイレブン, Inazuma Irebun) salah satu animasi baru yang muncul di indosiar beberapa waktu lalu. Sempat tayang kurang lebih sampai 40 episode namun tayangannya terhenti di minggu awal bulan Ramadhan, tanpa keterangan yang jelas dan seperti biasa, pihak televisi memang mempunyai wewenang untuk menayangkan dan menghentikan suatu acara, tapi untuk para penggemar Inazuma Eleven mungkin lain lagi pendapatnya. Sebagai penonton setia pasti merasa kecewa atas penghentian suatu acara favoritnya.
Walau bagaimana pun, saya merasa cukup senang karena indosiar setidaknya pernah Inazuma Eleven dan saya jadi mengenal anime Inazuma Eleven dan menjadi salah satu favorit saya.
Tidak banyak juga informasi mengenai Inazuma Eleven, saya mengambil informasi ini dari wikipedia karena memang saya ingin tahu mengenai karakter-karakter yang ada di Inazuma Eleven.
Berikut ini adalah karakter yang ada yang saya dapat dari wikipedia dan saya yang tambahkan secara pribadi hasil dari menonton Inazuma Eleven.

• Mamoru Endō (円堂 守) (Mark Evans) (Captain, Goal Keeper, Libero) – Mamoru is decribed as a soccer loving, cheerful goalkeeper. He is the type of person who never gives up and always thinks of others before himself. He also shows great admiration toward his grandfather, Daisuke, and keeps training notebooks that his grandfather wrote, which includes hissatsu techniques. People around him call him a soccer maniac due to his love for soccer. Because of his positive personality, he attracts people even if they’re enemy or ally. It was because of this that he was able to gather new members. His teammates benefit from his mental strength and encouragement. They also respect him despite his carefree attitude. He trains harder than anyone else to get stronger. The reason for doing so is that he wishes to face stronger opponents. Though he may be at disadvantage, he always find a way to bring his teammates to victory. His techniques include the God Hand (which later evolves into the True God Hand), the Majin the Hand, the Fist of Justice (which evolved into a libero technique, the Megaton Head), and the Hammer of Wrath.
Setelah melawan tim Diamond Dust di stadion Football Frontier, pelatih meminta Endo merubah posisinya menjadi Libero dan posisi penjaga gawang diberikan kepada Tachimukai.
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• Ichirōta Kazemaru (風丸 一郎太?) (Nathan Swift) (Defender) – Originally a member of the track club team, Kazemaru is convinced by Endou of becoming player of the soccer team, because the team needed 4 more players for their match against; if Endou could not get them the soccer club would be closed. Kazemaru is finally convinced by the promise of fighting a lot of stronger players, altogether with Endou fighting spirit. During the FFI arc, he learns two new moves called the Banana Shoot and the Dance of the Wind God. In the latest episode he is put as captain, this is when Endou can’t make it to the game when Endou, Kidou, Sakuma and Fudou were helping the Italian team with a problem that was caused by Kageyama.

• Heigorō Kabeyama (壁山 塀吾郎?) (Jack Wallside) (Defender) – Despite his height is a really shy person, sometimes even disappearing before a match, with the excuse of going to the bathroom. Most of the times Endou has to help him overcome his fears. He respect Endou very much.In the match against Wild Junior he and Goenji perfect a move called the Inazuma Drop and later he masters a defensive techniques on his own, The Wall and The Mountain.

• Ryūgo Someoka (染岡 竜吾?) (Kevin Dragonfly) (Forward) – Self-proclaimed ace striker of the team, he had troubles with Goenji for that position. Later, he accepts Goenji and acquires new techniques, like the Dragon Crash and Wyvern Crash, and combining with Gouenji to form Dragon Tornado. He initially had trouble accepting Fubuki as he strongly felt that Gouenji shouldn’t be replaced and the ace-striker seat was rightfully Gouenji’s. However, he later overcame it, with Endou’s help, with the belief that they were strengthening the team so that when Gouenji came back, the team would be good enough for him. He has a combination hissatsu technique with Fubuki — Wyvern Blizzard.

• Ayumu “Shourin” Shōrinji (少林寺 歩?) (Tim “Timmy” Sanders) (Defender)-Another of Endo’s teammates, usually plays as defender. He’s also one of the smallest of the Raimon Eleven. His individual technique is Kung Fu Head, later does a combination technique with Shishido called Shooting Star when both of them were in the Dark Emperors at the end of season two.

• Shin’ichi Handa (半田 真一?) (Steve Grim) (Midfielder)-Another of Endo’s teammates, he usually plays as a defender but sometimes he goes to being forward.

• Jin Kageno (影野 仁?) (Jim Shadow) (Defender)-Kageno joined the team to help and get people to know him. He has a dark aura and very negative at peoples comments. His teammates revere him but Kageno’s always willing to help.

• Sakichi Shishido (宍戸 佐吉?) (Sam Kincaid) (Midfielder)- Another one of Endo’s teammates. Shishido is a versatile and often does little of everything.

• Kūsuke “Max” Matsuno (松野 空介?) (Maxwell “Max” Carson) (Midfielder)-Another one of Endo’s teammates. He excels at all sports, was involved in many other sport clubs. Max joined the soccer club to help. He is often seen wearing a pink and blue cat-design cap. At a sleepover training camp, it is also revealed that he wears a different hat to sleep.

• Teppei Kurimatsu (栗松 鉄平?) (Tod Ironside) (Defender)-Like Shourin, Kurimatsu is one of the shortest members of the team, has a buck tooth and a bandage across his nose. His hair resembles that of the X-Men character Wolverine (comics). Kurimatsu along with Kabeyama are best describe as a comedy duo.

• Kakeru Megane (目金 欠流?) (William “Willy” Glass) (Forward)
A little pretentious. Megane joined the team before they played against Teikoku Academy claiming himself to be “the hero who saves the team”. But when he saw his teammates fall one after another, he ran off, abandoning the uniform. Ever since he’s almost always on the bench. Megane has a habit of calling catchy names for his teammates techniques, example he was the one who called Someoka’s first technique Dragon Crash. He later becomes a Manager.

• Shūya Gōenji (豪炎寺 修也?) (Axel Blaze) (Forward) – He is the ace striker and voice of reason of the team. His sister, Yuka is in a coma because of Kageyama’s interference to stop him from play against Teikoku Academy. He keeps an amulet made by his sister, and makes a promise with her to stop playing soccer, but when he sees that his passion for the game is strong, he changes that promise to become the champion of the Soccer Frontier. Later, Yuka wakes up from a coma, and he began to play soccer more freely with his teammates. Goenji joins up with the others to play against teams around the world. He becomes close friends with Endou, Fubuki,and Kido as the story progresses. His known techniques are the Fire Tornado (which evolves into the Fire Tornado Remastered), Bakunetsu Storm, and then Bakunetsu Screw. He also forms a combo technique with Kabeyama called the Inazuma Drop, one with Endou called the Inazuma One and a combination of the two called the Inazuma One Drop. He also forms one of the foundations of the combo techniques in the team.

• Yūto Kidō (鬼道 有人?) (Jude Sharp) (Midfielder) – He wears goggles and a red cape. Originally from Teikoku. The reason why he plays for Teikoku is for his sister, Haruna Otonashi. He was forced to win 3 constructive soccer championships in order to be with her again, so he decided not to contact her for 6 years, leading Otonashi to believe she gets in his way. After seeing Kageyama’s wrongdoings, he and the rest of Teikoku quit. Eventually, Kidou joins Endou’s team, changing his cape to blue. He is mostly the strategist of the team. In Raimon Middle School, he is close friends with Endou and Goenji and he can do combinations with Endou and Goenji called the Inazuma Break. Other combination techniques include Emperor Penguin No.2, Death Zone and Death Zone 2. Individual hissatsu techniques also include Illusion Ball.

• Asuka Domon (土門 飛鳥?) (Bobby Shearer) (Defender) – He used to live in America with Aki, but he did not care for soccer because of an accident involving one of his best friends. He used to be in Teikoku until he came to Raimon to spy, and saw everyone working hard. He then decided to join the Raimon Soccer Club. With Endo, he feels that he can keep up with him, unlike his friend, Ichinose, and the others at Teikoku. He quits being a spy when Fuyukai, the coach and another spy from Teikoku, planned to blow up the bus they were using. Later, he and Ichinose joins the American Team in the FFI arc but maintains close relationship with the team members of the Raimon Eleven. He has a defensive technique known as Killer Slide and his combination hissatsu techniques are Death Zone 2 and The Pheonix.

• Kazuya Ichinose (一之瀬 一哉?) (Erik Eagle) (Midfielder)- Ichinose is childhood friends with Domon and Aki. However, because of an accident in his childhood, he moved away for medical treatment, leaving Aki and Domon to think that he died. Through rehabilitation treatment, and his love for soccer, he went to Japan to visit Aki and became a member of Endou’s team. Aki describes Ichinose similar to Endou. Together with Endou and Domon, he tries to recreate the Tri-Pegasus, and it evolves to The Pheonix. Later though, in the FFI arc, he and Domon leave hoping to play against Endou. His individual hissatsu technique include, Spinning Shoot and Flame Dance.

• Aki Kino (木野 秋?) (Silvia) (Manager) – Aki is the team manager. She used to play soccer but stops after experiencing a horrible trauma. She has a crush on Endou Mamoru.

• Haruna Otonashi (音無 春奈?) (Celia Hills) (Manager) – Originally from the school paper, after seeing Raimon play against Teikoku, she became a big fan and decided to be a manager. She is the sister of Yuuto Kido, however, has not had any contact with him for 6 years.

• Natsumi Raimon (雷門 夏未?) (Nelly Raimon) (Manager) – She is the daughter of the chairman of the school and is the student body council presidant. She becomes a manager because of Endou’s passion for soccer. She is shown to have a romantic interest in Endou and strongly believes that he is the best goalkeeper around.

• Touko Zaizen (財前 塔子?) (Defender)
She is the daughter of the prime minister and the captain of the 11 in black, she joined the Inazuma Caravan in episode 29 to battle against Gemini Storm. Her move is “the Tower” but later in the series does a technique with Kogure and Tsunami called “The Perfect Tower”.

• Shirō Fubuki (吹雪 士郎?) (Shawn Frost) (Midfielder)
Fubuki Shirou is the captain of Hakuren Junior High School’s Soccer club in Hokkaido. He is both an excellent defender as well as the team’s ace striker. He joins the Raimon Eleven from episode 33 to defeat Aliea Academy. He is afraid of loud noises, like avalanches, due to his family being killed in one. Initially he had a split personality, swithching to his brother’s when on the offensive on the soccer field. He wanted to be perfect and believed that he could only do so if he continued to be one with his brother. With Gouenji and the others’ help, he realised that what his father — it was his father that caused him to believe that — meant was that he could be perfect if he played with others — as in a team. His techniques include the Eternal Blizzard, Wolf’s Legend and Ice Ground (which evolves into the Snow Angel). He can also do combination techniques such as Crossfire with Gouenji and Thunder Beast with Hijikata. Later Fubuki becomes a member of Inazuma Japan for the FFI, however his leg got badly injured in a match with Korea’s Fire Dragon during the Asia finals and was taken off the team.

• Yūya Kogure (小暮 裕也?) (Scotty) (Defender)-Kogure is a small character with a prankster attitude. From Cloister Divinity Junior High in Kyoto, he was often off the team most of the time due to his lack of trust towards others and his pranks. However he joined the Inazuma Caravan due to Haruna’s urging. Kogure joined in the nick of time when Epsilon attacked his school. Kogure’s most noted technique is Senpuujin, later does a technique with Touko and Tsunami called The Perfect Tower when they went up against Genesis the second time.

• Rika Urabe (浦部 リカ?) (Forward)
Rika is on a girl’s soccer team in Osaka. She first appeared when the Raimon Eleven came to Osaka believing that Aliea Academy had a base somewhere hidden in an amusement park that was somewhere in Osaka. When Rika first met Ichinose she immediately went head-over-heels for him and claiming him to be her husband after he eat her “Lovey-Dovey-Dish” which was just a simple Okonomiyaki that she made. She joined the Inazuma Caravan to help them against their second match with Epsilon. After their match with Epsilon, Rika decided to stay on the team hoping to be with Ichinose. She also calls him “Darling”. Although she wants to and keeps on insisting on it, she has never done Butterfly Dream with Ichinose before. Her technique is Rose Splash and later does a technique with Touko called Butterfly Dream.

• Daisuke Endō (円堂 大介?) (David Evans) (Supporter, Goal Keeper)-Endo’s grandfather and the original Inazuma Eleven’s coach. He is admired by Endo Mamoru.

• Coach Hitomiko
Pelatih baru yang ditunjuk kepala sekolah untuk menggantikan pelatih sebelumnya. Bersama Hitomiko, tim Raimon memulai petualangannya mengumpulkan pemain-pemain hebat dan melawan tim Sekolah Makhluk Asing. Hitomiko mencari para pemain baru sesuai arahan kepala sekolah dimana pemain-pemain ini tersebar di berbagai tempat. Selain pandai mencari dan menilai bakat pemain, ia juga ahli strategi, biasanya strategi yang digunakan bertujuan agar tim Raimon bisa memahami karakter lawannya, strategi ini biasanya lebih cepat dipahami oleh Jude sehingga ia bisa memberi arahan kepada yang lainnya.

• Mobil Karavan Inazuma (Inazuma Caravan)
Dengan mobil ini perjalanan dimulai untuk mengumpulkan pemain-pemain hebat untuk bergabung dengan Raimon.

• Tachimukai (Midfielder, Goalkeeper)
Ia adalah pemain yang berasal dari Yokato Junior High, ia adalah pemain tengah tetapi merubah posisinya menjadi penjaga gawang karena mengagumi Endo. Ia juga bisa melakukan teknik yang dimiliki oleh Endo hanya dengan melihatnya saja, lalu ia melatihnya sendiri sampai ia bisa melakukannya. Pada saat pelatih menunjuk Endo mengganti posisinya sebagai libero, posisi penjaga gawang dipercayakan kepada Tachimukai, Endo juga memberikan buku milik kakeknya agar Tachimukai bisa mempelajari teknik yang baru.

• Tsunami Jousuke (Defender)
Tsunami adalah seorang peselancar, ia bertemu dengan Raimon ketika Raimon berada di Okinawa yang sedang mencari Goenji. Tsunami belum pernah bermain sepak bola sebelumnya, akan tetapi ia memiliki tendangan yang hebat ketika mencoba bermain bersama Raimon yang sedang berlatih dan mengajak Tsunami untuk ikut bermain. Setelah itu Raimon berpisah dengan Tsunami dan melanjutkan perjalanannya mencari Goenji. Di suatu tempat Raimon bertemu kembali dengan Tsunami yang kali ini sudah bergabung bersama Oumihara Junior High Soccer Club. Tsunami mengajak Raimon bertanding dengan timnya, pada awalnya pelatih tidak mengijinkannya, tapi pada akhirnya pelatih mengijinkan. Diakhir pertandingan, Endou yang sedang melatih teknik barunya berhasil menguasainya walaupun tidak sempurna, masih ada gerakan yang belum dikuasainya, untuk itu ia meminta Tsunami melatihnya berselancar untuk menguasai gerakan tersebut. Pada akhirnya, Tsunami bergabung dengan Raimon ketika Tim Epsilon-remasterd kembali muncul untuk mengajak bertanding.

• Aphrodi (Forward)
Aphrodi berasal dari Zeus Junior High (sekolah dewa) yang diketuai oleh Ray dari sekolah bangsawan. Aphrodi muncul ketika Tim Raimon sedang bertanding melawan Tim Diamond Dust, di stadion Football Frontier. Ketika pertandingan sedang berlangsung tiba-tiba Aphrodi muncul dan ingin bergabung dengan Tim Raimon. Pada awalnya para pemain sulit menerima kedatangannya sehingga kerjasama tim berantakan. Pada saat semua pemain terdesak oleh pemain lawan, Tsunami mengoper bola kepada Aphrodi dan Aphrodi berhasil mencetak gol berkat kerjasamanya dengan Goenji, sejak saat itu semua pemain baru bisa bekerja sama dengan Aphrodi.

• Tim Alien [Sekolah Makhluk Asing]
Tim Genesis adalah tim Alien ketiga yang muncul melawan tim Raimon setelah tim Gemini Storm dan Epsilon. Genesis dipimpin oleh Gran [berambut merah] sebagai kapten. Ia dikenal juga sebagai Hiroto dengan penampilan yang berbeda dengan ketika bersama tim Genesis. Ketika tim Raimon berada di Okinawa yang sedang mencari Flame Striker, mereka bertemu dengan Burn, dari tim Prominence yang menyamar sebagai Nagumo Haruya dan berniat bergabung dengan tim Raimon, tetapi niat jahatnya itu terkuak berkat kedatangan Hiroto yang memberitahukan bahwa Nagumo berasal dari Sekolah Makhluk Asing, pada saat itulah ia membuka jati dirinya sebagai Burn. Setelah berhasil mengalahkan Epsilon-remastered di Okinawa, muncul sosok baru yang berasal dari sekolah makhluk asing yaitu Gazel dari Tim Diamond Dust. Gazel yang berpostur pendek dan berambut putih ini memiliki level master yang berarti lebih tinggi dari Tim Epsilon. Pada akhirnya Gazel menantang Raimon bertanding dimana pertandingan diadakan di Stadion Football Frontier.
Pada saat tim Raimon sedang berlatih tanding dengan tim Teikoku, Burn dan gazel datang menantang bertanding, kali ini mereka datang sebagai tim Chaos yang anggotanya berasal dari tim Prominence dan Diamond Dust. Karena tim Chaos perpaduan dari dua tim yang kuat maka kekuatan tim Chaos pun menjadi dua kali lipat dari yang sebelumnya. Di babak pertama Chaos memimpin sampai 10-1, di babak kedua tim Raimon bisa mengejar sampai 10-7 karena kelengahan tim Chaos, tapi pada akhirnya tim Chaos kembali padu dan mencetak gol lewat kombinasi Burn dan Gazel. Sebelum pertandingan berakhir, Hiroto datang menghentikan pertandingan, lalu ia pun membawa tim Chaos pergi.
Setelah itu, coach Hitomiko bertemu dengan Hiroto di sekolah Raimon dan kebetulan dilihat oleh Rika, Aki dan Haruna. Ternyata Hitomiko adalah kakak dari Hiroto. Setelah berita ini tersampaikan kepada tim Raimon, Hitomiko hendak menjelaskan semuanya dengan membawa tim Raimon ke markas Sekolah Makhluk Asing di Gunung Fuji. Sesampainya disana mereka diberikan gambaran mengenai Sekolah Makhluk Asing yang dipimpin oleh Kira Seijirou, ayah dari Hitomiko dan Hiroto untuk membentuk tim terkuat yang ia sebut sebagai senjata, dengan menggunakan batu meteor yang jatuh ke tempat itu beberapa tahun silam. Akhirnya tim Raimon harus melawan tim terkuat dari Sekolah Makhluk Asing yaitu tim Genesis yang di ketuai Hiroto. Dengan tekad yang kuat dari pada pemain Raimon mereka bisa mengimbangi permainan tim Genesis, setiap kali tim Genesis mencetak gol, tim raimon bisa menyamakan angka. Setiap gol yang terjadi tim Raimon meningkatkan levelnya sehingga bisa mengalahkan Genesis dengan score 4-3. Akhirnya Hiroto mengerti apa yang dimaksud Endo mengenai sepak bola yang sebenarnya.

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