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Type Of Letters


Jalan Kh. Faqih No. 14
Wringinputih Muncar
September 8, 2009

The Manager
Angkasa Jaya Ltd.
Jalan Candi Dasa No. 23

Dear Sir ,
I am writing to complain about a wrong delivery. I ordered a medium-sized short-sleeved apple-green shirt. But you sent me two extra-large long-sleeved shirts in horrible black and cherry red.

As if this were not enough, I waited three weeks instead of your promised four-days time of delivery. You can imagine how disappointed I am to have received this package. I feel that your company is directly to blame. I am, therefore, writing to return this package. You wrote that the color I ordered is not available. Please send me an alternative for the shirt in other colors or I will have to request an immediate refund of the money I spent on the shirt.
I look forward to receiving your prompt reply.

Yours faithfully,

M.A. Wildan Aulia


Memo from Team Lead or Team Captain To All Employees

(Please contact JDRF to receive this document via e-mail)

To : “ABC Company” Employees

From : "ABC Company” CEO

Date : August 10, 2005


I am pleased to announce that this fall, “ABC Company” will be joining hundreds of other corporations throughout (Chapter Area) for the Walk To Cure Diabetes. This family oriented event will be held on (date) at (location). All proceeds from the event will support research vital to finding a cure for diabetes.

In addition to serving as a ________ Sponsor of the walk, “ABC Company” is committed to having a large team of _____ walkers raising $ ____! In order to accomplish this, I am asking each of you to become involved and be part of the “ABC Company” Walk To Cure Diabetes team.

Approximately 18 million Americans suffer from diabetes. It is even more heartbreaking when you consider that millions of children are affected with this lifelong disease. With your support, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation will continue its mission – to find a cure for diabetes and its complications through the support of research.

Becoming a part of our “ABC Company” team is easy! The first step is to sign up with one of our Team Captains:

(Listing of Team Captains and extension numbers)

Or, you can register online at: www.JDRF.org. When registering for the walk, be sure to indicate “ABC Company” under “team name.” The second step is to simply ask family, friends, and neighbors to sponsor you by making a contribution to JDRF, or to walk with you on the “ABC Company” team. To reach of goal of raising $______, we would like each “ABC Company” team member to raise at least $100. The third step is to join me on (date) as we “walk to cure diabetes”!

I know each of you will do your part to support both “ABC Company” and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in this worthwhile community event. Contact an “ABC Company” Team Captain today, or “John Smith” at 123-4567 for more information.

Thank you for your support!


Surabaya, January 16th, 2007

To: Standard Chartered Bank

Jl. Basuki Rahmat No. 63-65


Fax: 5316673 ,5320332

Re: L/C No. 0433 06 01 0254

Our Ref : Invoice No. 002/XP/I/07

Yr Ref : 901112396283-E

Dear Sir or Madam,

Today we are negotiating one set of documents with above ref. According to L/C clause (other terms and conditions : point 14) , we should present a credit report to accompany the other documents. Therefore, we would like to ask your favor to issue a credit report at our risk. Your prompt action will be appreciated.

Yours truly,



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